Million Marihuana March 2016 Press Release: Freedom to Grow!

Million Marihuana March 2016 Press Release: Freedom to Grow!

Demonstration, march and happening for cannabis legalization will take place in Prague. Its main claim is the freedom to grow and to possess cannabis for personal use by adults.

On Saturday, March 6th 2017, the 20th anniversary of Million Marihuana March takes place in Prague. This legendary event will start at 12:30pm on Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square), where the green leaf supporters will gather to march together through the city centre to the island of Štvanice. There, a fabulous cultural happening including concerts, DJs, workshops and political debate will continue until late evening. Organizers are expecting the highest attendance in history of the event.

The aim of the demonstration is to draw attention to the continuing negative effects of prohibitionist drug laws and to call for reconsideration of current Czech cannabis-banning drug legislature. According to the organizing NGO, the existing laws don’t reflect the situation in the society and lead not only to useless police harassment of the people, but also to the development of the black market and extensive costs to the state budget.

Patients on the edge 

In past years, cannabis has been rediscovered by modern medicine as an efficient remedy for patients suffering from many illnesses including multiple sclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain or diabetes. Although medical cannabis has been legal in the Czech Republic since 2013, it remains largely unavailable in the pharmacies and the costs (not covered by the public health insurance) are exorbitant. Therefore, most of the patients are forced to obtain their drug illegally, which further worsens their already hard situation.

High demand for the possibility of self-cultivating of cannabis has been long confirmed by the widely successful “Seeds for Seniors” campaign by the, organization, where the NGO has given out thousands of cannabis seeds to the patients and seniors across the country asking for help.

The main claim of this year’s Million Marihuana March therefore remains the legalization of cannabis growing and possession for personal use, both medical and recreational.

Legalization of cannabis doesn’t lead to increased use among adolescents

Repressive drug laws have been a failure worldwide and continuously fail to fulfil the proclaimed intent of public health protection. Statistical data from the states where cannabis has been legalized clearly show there is no increase in adolescent use rates, nor increase in general criminality. Moreover, the risks of cannabis use have been successfully reduced by education and quality control. Effective legal regulation of cannabis market can also bring substantial income for public budgets, as seen for example in the state of Colorado. Nowadays, the benefits of ending the prohibition are undeniable and this is being confirmed by ongoing legalization across the United States, where voters of several states including California endorsed legalization in ballots last November. In Canada, legalization of growing and sales of cannabis is scheduled for next year, while in Uruguay, legal sales for recreational use are about to be launched in coming months. The UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs from 1961, so often referred to by Czech authorities, has long lost any relevance and serves now only as a pretext and alibi for their reluctance against stepping out towards safer and more effective drug policy. Petition for cannabis legalization and political debate

Last November, the NGO in cooperation with the Pirate Party and the Green Party introduced Petition for Cannabis Growing and Possession Legalization, which aims to gain ten thousand verifiable signatures. When reached, it will be submitted to the Czech Parliament together with a concrete proposal for change of the cannabis-related laws.

As a part of the happening on the Štvanice island, political debate about the legal status of cannabis with representatives of Czech political parties will start at 3:30pm. NGO calls to the politicians: „End the cannabis prohibition. Allow adult citizens to legally grow and possess cannabis and related products for personal use.”

The cultural program on Štvanice island will be held in the spirit of the worldwide Million Marihuana March celebrations. Colorful, not-to-be-missed program will include live music, DJs, wide selection of info and sales stands of cannabis-related organizations and companies and educational workshops, supporting program will be focused on drug education.

Press info:

Press service will be prepared from 14.30 pm – 15.30 pm at the info centre. 


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